Be original, be different, be the one that stands up and shuts this system

God is love, then Hatin' is Satan This anti-patience has got me sittin here waitin For the day when it's ok to love When black men won't pretend they're thugs When teachers and doctors are treated like celebrities You could get a job even if you got a felony Check out my melody, let's live in harmony We're in this together, no man has a conomy No man is an island, immune to the violence This rap race is no place to raise a child in What's wrong with smiling? What's wrong with peace? What's wrong is squashing people before they label you deceased? Swallow your pride before you choke on your issues I know you got family and folks that'll miss you So don't misuse this gift you've been given This life's but a dream, you're blessed to be livin

Murs, you're such a dope rapper♥


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